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Gold Coast Antennas take pride in providing solutions to ALL of your RF communication needs. Gold Coast Antennas technicians are trade qualified so you are assured of the best solution to either a repair, upgrade and or new installation.

  • TV antenna reception systems for your home, apartments, residential complexes or commercial enterprises, (Hotels, Taverns, etc).
    • MATV
    • SMATV
  • Satellite reception systems.
    • SMATV 
    • Foxtel
  • Mobile phone and mobile broadband reception improvements at your home, office, industrial &/or commercial sites, vehicle, transportation, etc.
    • Antennas
    • Legal authorised repeaters for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Plus third party service provider that use either of the 3 major carriers.
  • Wireless networks (WiFi) for your home, office, industrial and/or commercial site.
    • Wireless network for short range systems. (home/Small Office/Workshop)
    • Wireless network antenna array for large coverage areas.
    • Wireless network antennas for point to point links. Short or long range.
    • Wireless network antennas for point to multipoint links. Short or long range.
  • Cable networks, (ethernet) for your home, office, industrial & commercial site.

Gold Coast Antennas provide solutions for domestic, Commercial, Industrial or Transportation areas. This includes all types of buildings, all types of vehicles, all types of commercial sites.

Gold Coast Antennas was established in 2005. We are also known as Antennas Gold Coast due to the way Gold Coast Antennas logo is designed.

The aim of Gold Coast Antennas isto provide professional advice and installations of TV antenna systems, (TV, Satellite, MATV & SMATV) for both domestic and commercial clients. Gold Coast Antennas Technicians are trade qualified in, "Digital Reception Technology". Plus Gold Coast Antennas are Licenced cablers.

The introduction of the Apple iPhone in 2007 changed the way you view your entertainment. Plus changed the way you stay connected via the internet. Not only do you stay connected to family and friends you can also stay connected from anywhere in the world to remotely monitor and or control your house, machinery, etc.

Gold Coast Antennas foresaw the future and embarked on keeping up to date with technology. Gold Coast Antennas specialises in analysing, designing, planning and implementation of the appropriate infrastructure to suit your requirements. Gold Coast Antennas technicians are trade qualified in Telecommunications, (Certificate III in Telecommunications).   

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