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Gold Coast Antennas can supply solutions or we can supply and install for your communication requirements.

A Feasibility study and site survey can be performed to determine the best possible solution for you. Whether it be 3G mobile or TV reception we take the hassle out of the fix for you.

Gold Coast Antennas can also install a new hard wired network or upgrade your your existing network. When it comes to Wi-Fi it can become congested due to overlapping networks or co-channel Wi-Fi networks. This is caused by the plug and play systems out there in the market yes they are convenient for the novice and make installing your network easy. The problem with this is that we are cluttering up our imediate space with lots of Radio Frequencies, this will cause congestion and slow your computer/s down. Wi-Fi should be used where cabling is diffcult and/or expensive to run.

Improving your 4G Mobile Broadband speed is our specialty. To check your speed you can do a download and/or upload speed test at speedtest.net. ADSL2 download speed can be up to 20Mbps and upload speed of up to 2Mbps. Telstra advertise on their web site typical download speeds of 50Mbps with 1Mbps-10Mbps, (see telstras' disclaimer). 

We have the solution/s to fix your communcation problems so give Gold Coast Antennas a call or email to see how we can help you!

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